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HTU Cut off Points 2024/2025 for Courses

HTU Cut off Points has been announced and published online for determining the admission of freshers into Ho Technical University’s 2023 — 2024 programmes/courses.

Ho Technical University


The Cut off point refers to an agreed score set by the Administration of an institution as a basis for admitting students into the department of study. It determines though not limited to the admission status of the candidate.

Ho Technical University sometimes sets cut-off points/marks differently for courses. However, there is a minimum cut off point for admission into the University as a whole.


Here is the agreed score for students’ admission into the Ho Technical University for 2023 /24.

College of Basic & Applied Sciences
B.Sc. Agriculture24
B.Sc. Family & Consumer Sciences24
B.Sc. Engineering Sciences14
B.Sc. Mathematical Sciences18
B.Sc. Information Technology15
B.Sc. Physical Sciences24
B.Sc. Earth Science18
B.Sc. Biological Science24
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine15
College of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery7
Bachelor of Dental Surgery10
Bachelor of Pharmacy8
Bachelor of Nursing12
B.Sc. Dental Laboratory Sciences161st Choice2nd Choice – 10
B.Sc. Dietetics16
B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Sciences121st Choice
B.Sc. Midwifery20
B.Sc. Occupational Therapy161st Choice
B.Sc. Physiotherapy161st Choice2nd Choice – 10
B.Sc. Radiography161st Choice2nd Choice – 10
College of Humanities
Bachelor of Laws7
B.Sc. Administration Regular8
B.Sc. Administration Fee-paying
B.Sc. Administration City Campus
Bachelor of Arts – General Arts Background16/17
Bachelor of Arts – Fee-paying
Bachelor of Arts – Business/Science/Vocational Background12
Bachelor of Arts – City Campus
Bachelor of Fine Arts
College of Education
Bachelor of Arts in Education24
Bachelor of Science in Education24
Bachelor of Arts – Distance Education30
Bachelor of Science in Administration – Distance Education26
B.Sc. Information Technology – Distance Education30


After checking that you meet the minimum point for admission, proceed to complete the HTU Admission Form. The admission form contains procedures to take to apply for 2023 admission.

We are willing to help you with any clarifications you may need on this topic. Please leave your question in the comments section below and we will be most willing to attend to them. However, if we are unable to, we will provide you with the contacts of Ho Technical University that will surely help you further.

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